About Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

This time it’s about ARP. About ARP, the meaning is short. His answer is very simple. Here is a simple step-by-step answer below. It is not wrong to say that ARP is a service. Well … OK. It (ARP) is a member of the Internet Layer 3 layer. Let me tell you about a very simple network type (2). These are the internal network and the external network. An external network is a network between different networks It provides a service called routing using high power routers. In other words, it is not wrong to call this network (L3 Network). In this network, data flows in packets. Also known as the Internal Network (Layer 2 Network). Because that network is key (Switching) Service is provided and the data goes in frame type. Well then. The Media Access Control (MAC) or Physical Hardware address is the only way to get to this type of frame type. This physical hardware address is the address of the network card. These (MAC) addresses are not the same. (MAC) addresses are 48 bits, and network cards connect to each other over the same subnet. So here comes the thought. Because, as I said, it’s on the network I was told that if you want to use the resources inside your computer, you have to call it by IP Address (or) Name. တွေ၊ It no longer works with names. Works with (MAC) address only. So ARP does the IP to MAC address conversion. Therefore … (ARP) changes the IP Address to MAC. This means that arp is used only when someone knows the other person’s IP and does not know their MAC. One thing to keep in mind is that the ARP table is always on the RAM of the computer connected to the network. It (ARP Table) maps IP addresses and MAC addresses. In other words, it is cached. This means that it looks at the Arp Cache before switching from ip to MAC. If he already exists, he does not need to change. Extracted from that cache. The computer that owns the IP is broadcasting only the IP that does not yet exist, and the MAC returns its MAC. Now you can use the command (arp-a) via CMD if you want to view the ARP table. If you want to delete more, you can use the command (arp -d).

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