Caesar Cipher

The Caesar cipher is a classic example of ancient cryptography and is said to have been used by Julius Caesar. The Caesar cipher is based on transposition and involves shifting each letter of the plaintext message by a certain number of letters, historically three, as shown in Figure 5.1. The ciphertext can be decrypted by applying the same number of shifts in …

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How to install Outline Server On Ubuntu 20.04

Steps to install Outline VPN on Ubuntu The following steps include installing docker and setting up Outline VPN followed by updating and upgrading dependency packages. 1. First Update and upgrade the packages sudo — sh -c ‘apt-get update; apt-get upgrade -y; apt-get dist-upgrade -y; apt-get autoremove -y; apt-get autoclean -y’ 2. Install Docker sudo curl …

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Nmap Cheat Sheet

Target Specification SWITCH EXAMPLE DESCRIPTION nmap Scan a single IP nmap Scan specific IPs nmap Scan a range nmap Scan a domain nmap Scan using CIDR notation -iL nmap -iL targets.txt Scan targets from a file -iR nmap -iR 100 Scan 100 random hosts –exclude nmap –exclude Exclude …

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Attendance in Moodle

Tracking attendance in Moodle is a great student success tool because it allows students to monitor their own attendance. Set up Attendance From the Gear icon at the upper right of your course page, choose Turn editing on or Press the Turn editing on button. Go to the section on your course page where you …

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