How to make Bootable USB Stick on Ubuntu Linux

Making Bootable USB Stick on Ubuntu is very very easy.In this tutorial i will show you how to make Bootable USB Stick on Ubuntu Linux.Let’s start ….


  • PC or desktop with Ubuntu OS
  • ISO image file Window,Ubuntu,Kali,Parrot
  • USB Stick (minimum 4Gb for Ubuntu and 8Gb for other OS)


Setup USB stick on your PC.

Press window key or super key on Ubuntu and search “startup disk”.

open Startup Disk creator

Now you can see your USB stick and click “Other” to add ISO image file.

Choose your ISO image file and click “Open”.

Now,this is ready to make Bootable USB stick.

Click “Make Startup Disk” and you can make Bootable USB Stick in Ubuntu Linux.

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