Highest Payment IT Job

No 10- Information Security Analyst

  • Install Security Measure
  • Investigate security breaches
  • Document
  • Fix vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Testing


  • United State – $360,000
  • India -3,000,000 rupee per year

No 9- RPA Developer

RPA developers are professional who create develop and implement rpa system they setup automated to increase efficiency they look into development rpa components like robot.


RPA developer earn nearly $118,000 in US and 1,100,000 rupee in India.

No 8-Mobile Application Developer

Mobile application developer researches and develop protocols and application for IOS and Android platform. They design interfaces in order to improve user experience, they also collaborate with the product development teamĀ  to purpose new features a mobile application developer should have knowledge of ui and framework in Javascript such as react native and angular.


United State – 230,000 India – 30,00,000 rupee

No 7- Blockchain Developer

A blockchain developer researches, design develop and test blockchain technologies. They buildĀ  infrastructure and setup security measure to protect against cyber attacks and help to optimize blockchain protocol. Blockchain developer build decentralized apps and supervise the entire network.


United State – $170,000 India – 2,200,000 rupee

No 6- DevOps Engineer

Devops engineer work with developer and the IT team to oversea code releases they code and script to ensure continuous development integration and deployment of software. They also automate tests deploy the code and monitor.


United State – $800,000 India – 4,000,000 rupee
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Ref: Simplilearn YouTube Channel

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