How to Fix Windows 10 Error

How To Fix Windows 10 Errors 💻

Windows 10 is one of Microsoft’s best new operating systems. But there are still some requirements. However, Windows 10 received high marks in many expert reviews. But Microsoft’s Windows 10 isn’t perfect. The good news is, there are ways to deal with these inconveniences. With these tips, Windows 10 will be less annoying and you can enjoy all of its features.
How to Stop Automatic Updates
Automatic updates have been a problem for Windows users for years. Automatic restarting without prompting you to install important updates surprised users and wasted time. These things are still a problem in Windows 10. The first batch of updates contained errors, and users responded that the updates were only half-installed. Uninstall the updates later and reboot the system. It then repeats the update process from start to finish.
Some users find it convenient to select updates and install them separately, while others say the following method works. Go to (This method only works in Internet Explorer and does not work in Edge.) If you type Windows 10 in the search box, you will see a list of compatible updates.
Select Settings from the Start Screen. Go to Update & Security and go to Advanced Options. Select “Notify to schedule restart”. This method will not prevent you from downloading updates automatically, but it will prevent them from restarting automatically. In Defer Upgrades, you can choose the option to update after a while. This method does not prevent the automatic download and installation of security updates, but it does prevent other updates.
How Microsoft Can Stop Accessing Your Personal Information
Windows 10 receives more user privacy information than previous versions of Windows. Desktop PC The ability to sync browser history between laptops and Surface devices is useful. Cortana’s precise Speech Recognition is also an innovative experience. Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage and Document Services, which will compete with Dropbox, are also designed to be widely used in Windows 10.
The downside is that all of these services send your data to Microsoft. When you sync browser data across all your devices, it sends Microsoft History, Bookmarks, Favorites, Saved Website Passwords, Wireless Network’s Names and Passwords. Cortana retrieves data from your email and folders, as well as your Bing Search History.
If you read Microsoft’s User Agreement carefully, you will see more serious issues. “We have the right to access personal data to protect our customers. ” Windows 10 Advertising Engine is based on information learned about you from Microsoft using User Data, Search Queries, Interests, Favorites, Usage Data, Location Data.
If you are worried about these, you can go to Settings> Privacy and uncheck whatever you like. To close Cortana, click in the search box on the taskbar. Click the Settings Icon to turn it off. You can find Sync Settings in the Accounts section under Settings. It can be turned off completely or separately.
Need Antivirus Software?
Like Windows 8, Windows 10 includes antivirus software called Windows Defender. Tightly integrated with the operating system, it provides regular updates, protects your PC in real time, and allows you to manually scan for suspicious files. It is easy to use and protects against many viruses, but tests have shown that it does not protect against 32% of viruses. I can not trust him at all.
Fortunately, there are many antivirus software developed by other companies. I like Avast Free Antivirus. He performs well in experiments. Gamers also like its Silent Mode, which blocks pop-ups. It also does not interfere with the installation of new apps. If you do not want to see the ads in the free version, you can buy Avast Internet Security, which does not show ads, for $ 49 a year. The paid version includes features like Anti-Hijack Protection and Firewall designed to protect against phishing sites.

How to stop data usage …..
One of the main problems with Windows 10 is invisible internet access. Prior to Windows 10, Windows 7/8 PCs also automatically downloaded Windows 10 updates in the background. This can be frustrating for those who have limited access to the Internet. This problem persists after installing Windows 10. Updating in the background can consume many megabytes. This is the worst thing for mobile internet users. To turn it off, go to Settings> Network & Internet> WiFi> Advanced Optons and set it to “Set as metered connection”. If so, Windows will have App Updates, No more major updates, including Start Screen Tiles.
This method is not suitable for Internet users with Ethernet port. This is a cautionary tale for wired Internet Router users.
Automatic Log In
Security is very important because a lot of your data is stored on Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail, Live,, Xbox. If you were given your Microsoft account during the installation of Windows 10, your PC will store a lot of your data. To do this, you will be asked for your password each time you log in.
In practice, this can be frustrating. This is because you have to enter a password every time you turn on your PC. Entering a PIN instead of a password will save you some money. Go to Settings> Accounts> Sign In Options and enter the PIN Number. Must contain four digits. Microsoft has hidden the way you do not enter passwords or PINs at all. Read this method below.
Click the Search Bar and type CMD. Type “control userpasswords2” in CMD and press Enter. Uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” and click Apply. In the next step, enter your password twice and click OK. This will automatically log you in every time you turn on your computer.
How to Delete Windows.old
If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from an earlier version of Windows, the file Windows.old is stored on your machine. Whether you don’t like Windows 10 or not. Whether your hardware is not supported or not. You can use Windows.old to restore the previous window. The downside is that the file is large and can be over 15GB.
What’s worse is that Windows.old is defined as a system folder and cannot be easily destroyed. To clear it, type Clean Up in the search bar and open Disk Clean Up. Select System Drive and click OK. If a window pops up, select “Previous Windows Installation” and click OK.
Why does Cortana not work?
Cortana, which competes with Microsoft’s Siri, may not work due to a strange localization bug. Click the Search Box and then the Settings Icon. If you see “Cortana isn’t available in your language or region”, read below on how to fix it.
Go to Settings> Time & Language> Region & Language. In the Country or region, select United States. Under Languages, click Options in English (United States). Click the Download button under Language Pack and Speech to download. Then reboot. Click the Search Bar and then the Settings Icon. Now you can activate Cortana.

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