Install Open VPN in Linux

* What is a VPN?

A VPN (virtual private network) is the easiest and most effective way for people to protect their internet traffic and keep their identities private online. As you connect to a secure VPN server, your internet traffic goes through anĀ encrypted tunnel that nobody can see into, including hackers, governments, and your internet service provider.

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* Install Opne VPN

Firstly, Install Open VPN package using terminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install -y libc6 libffi7 libgcc-s1 liblz4-1 liblzo2-2 libmariadb3 libpcap0.8 libssl1.1 libstdc++6 zlib1g bridge-utils net-tools libsasl2-2 iproute2 sqlite3 libsqlite3-0 iptables python3-pkg-resources python3-migrate python3-sqlalchemy python3-mysqldb python3-ldap3

In this step- You need to path your file path.

Example- dpkg -i /home/kali/Downloads/dpkg -i openvpn-as-bundled-clients-17.deb openvpn-as_2.9.2-04614689-Ubuntu20_amd64.deb

dpkg -i openvpn-as-bundled-clients-17.deb openvpn-as_2.9.2-04614689-Ubuntu20_amd64.deb

After that, Go to vpn book to download free VPN certificate. Download the certificate to your pc.

Extract the downloaded file.

unzip -p

Go to VPN setting and add the certificate file ( vpnbook-de4-tcp443.ovpn).

Now your installed the open VPN. Thank for reading our blog.

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