Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is an information technology and computer networking products multinational company. Founded in 1996, the company is headquartered in Sunnyvale. California Opened in the USA. This company is a company that produces and sells network products called Internet Protocol. Juniper’s Product include the T-Series; M-Series; E-Series; MX-Series and J-Series Router Series Ethernal Switches (EX-Series); Session and Resource Control Appliances, abbreviated as WC-Series and WAN Optimization Devices (SRC). And most Juniper products include the “JUNOS” Juniper’s Network Operating System. Juniper was featured in the 2009 issue of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” It was mentioned. It also ranks fourth in the magazine’s list of the World’s Most Admired Companies in Network Communication. I also hung it up. Juniper’s products are now widely used in networking networks around the world. This is because Juniper products offer the highest level of network performance.

Network Operating Systems (NOS)

I mentioned earlier that JUNOS is an operating system that can run on Juniper network equipment. Now I will talk about that operating system in detail. So read on. Juniper Single Network Operating System It has the ability to control all three functions called Routing, switching and security. The single operating system is designed to be a two-way street between Juniper products and the users of those products. It can be used for relief. This operating system was developed between Juniper and other modern models that used the Multiple Network Operating System. It also highlights the difference. Simply put, one cut, two cuts. But Juniper is not happy about that. It is called the Partner Solution Development Platform (PSDP) for its customers and partners and develops more JUNOS software. He also came up with an idea that could lead to it. And since the JUNOS operating system is based on Free BSD, it can also perform some Unix-related tasks. For example, users can access Unix Shell programs. It also has the ability to follow normal Unix commands. JUNOS Operating System has no reliance / effect on Juniper Hardware System. Juniper’s performance doesn’t stop there. Because Juniper later became its own JUNOS Operator Net Screen OS Security Function has been added to the system so that it can be used on Net Screens as well. So you can now offer Routing and Security functions on a single device. One more thing to mention is that JUNOS ‘biggest competitor is Cisco System IOS. The first product from Juniper Network was the M-Series with the M40. Launched in 1998, the M40 is capable of moving 40 million packets per second at a rate exceeding 40 gigabit per second. The M40, produced by Juniper, is powered by Internet Processor I. Must be used in conjunction. ASIC is the most fundamental core of the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) released by Juniper. The PFE contains a shared memory; Includes a single forwarding table and One-Wriet / One-Read Architecture. PFE can deliver up to 40 Mpps to a forwarding table, and its capacity exceeds that of any other router architecture. 100 times faster It’s better. The M40 was also the first router to be 10 times faster than Cisco’s 12000. Now let me tell you about a series of routers. E-Series: E-Series routers are a type of Broadband Edge Router. The E-Series was developed by Uni sphere and launched in 2002. E-Series routers work well with the JUNOSe operating system.

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