Easy Photo Print


The application interface is straightforward and allows you to print photographs or other images with ease. The program displays a tree of folders on the left side with images that can be printed displayed in the center panel. The wizard interface guides you through setting up the print.

When you’ve selected a photo you’d like to print with Easy Photo Print, you can apply different corrections to the image and adjust the positioning by cropping or rotating the image.

Easy Photo Print can also add frames to the image and other creative effects and depending on how many pages you print. Easy Photo Print also allows you to change the paper direction, the type of paper (glossy, matte, etc.) and the quality.

Once all of the parameters are set, click the “Print” button inside of Easy Photo Print and the printer will do the rest of the work. We recommend using glossy paper for best results.

Features of Easy Photo Print

  • Integrates with  Dropbox and  Facebook.
  • Borderless printing: Create vibrant photos with no borders.
  • Color Management: Adjust the color balance of photos.
  • File Conversion: Convert file types such as PDF and JPEG files.
  • Image Adjustment: Enhance and adjust the brightness, contrast and color of your photos.
  • Image Cropping: Crop images to frame the subject.
  • Image Restoration: Restore old photos with color correction and sharpening tools.
  • Layout Adjustment: Rearrange images in a variety of layouts.
  • Layout Printing: Print multiple photos on one page.
  • Online Printing: Print photos directly from online services like Facebook, Dropbox and more.
  • Photo Correction: Automatically enhance photos with one click.
  • Photo Effects: Apply special effects to photos.
  • Photo Enhancement: Automatically corrects color, lighting and levels.
  • Printing Profiles: Create custom profiles to save time on future prints.
  • Redeye Removal: Remove redeye from photos.
  • Text Enhancement: Add text to photos for creative expressions.

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