// Universal License Keys // Version License Keys VMware Workstation Pro VMware Workstation Pro 4.x.x ZHDH1-UR90N-W844G-4PTN6G1NP0-T88AL-M016F-4P8N2ZC14J-4U16A-0A04G-4MEZPJ1WF8-58LDE-881DG-4M8Q3 VMware Workstation Pro 5.x.x LUXRM-WP0DN-A256U-4M9Q3DJXDR-NDT27-Y2NDU-4YTZKDA925-HP80U-Z8HDC-4WXXP3KW2W-AYR2C-88M6F-4MDQ2 VMware Workstation Pro 6.x.x A0E8R-YUDFV-6AK2F-4GAN2CRX0D-VWL0V-7CJ6C-46C7ANA8RX-QPNDU-D2LA9-4WAZL1H4WM-N21FZ-7GK2A-44U5U6AJ6N-THY2P-42KEF-4WTFGFK8R9-LPCDT-88H4Y-4WRN3KAR8R-T8MAL-K8J6A-4WDXQYJEKW-JMFF4-YA1DC-4WTQPWC5FW-V0CFX-4804A-4WTNLLR5HT-16602-T814A-4MEN2THWW8-HRZAH-A24FA-4YTN3 VMware Workstation Pro 7.x.x FU3D8-28X0N-H8DJQ-4GZZX-MY2T8ZY7M2-8ZX81-0813Y-AWPG9-PP0G6CC3W8-DTX9M-4853Y-HPQGX-NU8X6YU15U-6TWDQ-H88RZ-GGNXC-QFATAAF1T0-FMZEL-H88FQ-N5NXG-PZUX0GC3MU-28W06-M80WQ-R4ZXV-YFK98UA5J0-0HW13-48EMY-VXQNZ-NFUD2VF7WU-2GF14-488CP-R4Z7Z-NL2YF VMware Workstation Pro 8.x.x 0A494-8U0EM-UZ2A9-0105M-A303MMA406-25387-7ZNW8-F197P-1AL2D4A4GP-6PLD0-QZTP9-WK0NK-C3UQD4A2XP-D03DN-7Z6H9-Z2ANM-0C9PFD0F0G8-FK29Q-AZ529-2J1NP-AC02F VMware Workstation Pro 9.x.x 5U63Y-6QL1K-GZ7K0-ZV17M-3CMQ0JY4TJ-68L9H-8ZQE1-GA1Q2-03K22MF471-0R007-RZHD9-TLCNK-3204GJF09R-AU34Q-7Z6R8-JKAN0-9C7QJHY4KG-6KK47-CZCC1-Y8CQ4-13DK10U28Q-DP31H-QZL68-8J0QH-AAUK40F0PV-AWJ0L-GZLM0-H1874-CA8390A6H6-4DL4N-KZQX9-Y09QH-9AF3G0F23V-4D38L-9ZQ38-2K37H-83C500F03K-80JEQ-8ZF89-8287H-A2R470A22R-400EM-EZ4W8-3K9NK-3AUPLNA64Z-0V054-UZVC0-2L370-837K4 VMware Workstation Pro 10.x.x 5F211-0MJ82-LZE99-9LCN0-A3A3M4F4HJ-FDL83-KZVL9-LC17P-22JJGHV0RV-00K4K-GZ8N1-XUAN2-23Z4AMY2A4-DMJ8N-HZUA8-2V2Q6-02EKDNY65G-6238N-PZQ59-1L172-9AT4L5Y2RY-FK21L-YZZY8-VV1Q4-1A24RJY65Q-43L9J-TZGP8-80AQH-3AG3H0Z6PT-F0K50-QZXW8-698Q0-3AR69NF05Z-08346-TZDE0-213NK-C3Q591F0ML-FRH97-0ZZA8-1JA74-8AF6X5F29M-48312-8ZDF9-A8A5K-2AM0Z VMware Workstation Pro 11.x.x VV7XU-F6DDQ-485DZ-X4M7T-PF8ZDZG75H-FZF83-M8DLZ-4ZW5E-NP0W0AV518-09FD0-48D1P-EMQEX-Z72C6GG7W0-DAY5Q-0858Q-6GWZ9-W7RT8CV512-FAW91-085NP-DMXQX-QLHAFAA7DU-APW15-H848Q-P5ZGZ-PCRC2VU1N2-6DE5N-M8DLQ-AEMEV-XA2Z4UV3NR-AMZ17-08EZP-9YQQE-MZAY8GC75U-21E50-M8D5Q-K6YQX-W28V81F04Z-6D111-7Z029-AV0Q4-3AEH8CZ7E2-2FY5P-08DUP-6XNXG-WPKE8 VMware Workstation Pro 12.x.x … Read more

SecureCRT License Version Download

SecureFX® meets your evolving file transfer needs with a single application that lets you choose between SFTP using an encrypted SSH2 connection or FTP over SSL (TLS) for secure transfers, or standard FTP for nonsecure transfers. This software is subject to export control and may be transmitted, exported, or re-exported only under applicable export laws and … Read more

Office 2016 Pre-Activate Download

Install Microsoft 365​​​​​​​ 2019 or 2016 on a PC Remember a one-time purchase version of Microsoft 365​​​​​​​ is licensed for one install only. Download

All In one Pyudaungsu Fonts Download

Pyidaungsu font is a Burmese Unicode font developed by the Myanmar Unicode and NLP Research Center (MUNLP) at the University of Computer Studies, Yangon. The font was released in 2015, and it is now widely used in Myanmar for both personal and professional purposes. The design of Pyidaungsu font was based on traditional Burmese writing … Read more

Cloud Deployment Models

Cloud computing can be deployed in many ways and it all depends on the placement ofcomputing resources at the consumer’s location (on-premise), at cloud service provider’slocation, or at both locations. The current cloud deployment models are as follows: that you don’t need to invest in H/W and effort in setting up the cloud. The disadvantageis … Read more

What is Social Engineering?

Social Engineering Definition Social engineering is a manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables. In cybercrime, these “human hacking” scams tend to lure unsuspecting users into exposing data, spreading malware infections, or giving access to restricted systems. Attacks can happen online, in-person, and via other interactions. Scams based on … Read more

General Protection Fault during UEFI pre-boot startup

Symptoms After updating the LCC (Life Cycle Controller) firmware, the server will no longer boot to the operating system.  A error similar to below is displayed.  A system restart is required.                                                          BIOS rev 1.x.xThe system detected an exception during the UEFI pre-boot environment.Press ENTER on the serial console (@115200 8-N-1) for detailed exception info.————————————————————————————Type: General … Read more

Zero-Day Alert: Google Chrome Under Active Attack, Exploiting New Vulnerability

Google has rolled out security updates to fix seven security issues in its Chrome browser, including a zero-day that has come under active exploitation in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2023-6345, the high-severity vulnerability has been described as an integer overflow bug in Skia, an open source 2D graphics library. Benoît Sevens and Clément Lecigne of Google’s … Read more

Your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access

If you try to connect to a device, which requires the credentials of a guest instead of proper authentication, you might come across an error message – You can’t access this shared folder because your organization’s security policies block unauthenticated guest access. To resolve this issue, you can use the Group Policy Editor or Registry Editor. … Read more

How To Use Telnet On Windows

How to Enable Telnet on Windows 10? In Windows systems, Telnet is disabled by default. To check if Telnet is already activated, open your command line, and run telnet: If the command prompt does not recognize the command, there are two possible ways to enable the Telnet client in Windows. Option 1: Enable Telnet using GUI … Read more