General Protection Fault during UEFI pre-boot startup


After updating the LCC (Life Cycle Controller) firmware, the server will no longer boot to the operating system.  A error similar to below is displayed.

A system restart is required.                                                          BIOS rev 1.x.x
The system detected an exception during the UEFI pre-boot environment.
Press ENTER on the serial console (@115200 8-N-1) for detailed exception info.
Type: General Protection Fault (13) Source: Software (UEFI0011)
AX=C48ECDA0 BX=00000800 BP=002643C8 SP=CCA87168
CX=C48ECDA0 DX=00000003 R8=00008000 R9=00000800
SI= DI= SS=0018 CS=0038        Flags=00010202
(CurrentTPL = 08, TSC ticks since last event 000000674D96)

LBRfr1 C67FB029 DellPartition.efi +005029
LBRfr0 C67FA700 DellPartition.efi +004700
–>rip C48ECCA0 DellNetworkProtocol.efi +0ABCA0 <– Crash occurred here
          No Stack Frames Found



To resolve this issue the iDRAC firmware and BIOS need to be updated.  In the case of a Windows installation it may also be required to perform a rebuild of the BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store.  Below are two methods to perform the updates.

  1. Boot the server to the OMSA Live CD.  The OMSA Live CD can be found here <>
  2. Boot the server to the LCC from the F11 boot menu at POST.

Additionally if Windows still will not boot after updating iDRAC and BIOS perform the following steps.

  1. Boot the server to the Windows DVD
  2. On the language and keyboard settings page click Next.
  3. Choose Repair your computer.
  4. Install drivers as needed.
  5. On the System Recover Options page choose Command Prompt.
  6. At the command prompt run the following command: bootrec /rebuildbcd
  7. Upon success, press Y to accept the changes.
  8. Reboot the server normally.

Additional Information:

This issue occurs due to a mismatch between the software (LCC) and the hardware versions (iDRAC). 

To prevent this issue updates should be performed in the following order:

  1. iDRAC
  2. LCC
  3. BIOS
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