Myanmar matpe market extends till Pakistan via India

Myanmar’s matpe (black bean) market has expanded till Pakistan via India and is selling well, according to matpe traders.

“India buys most in hundreds of thousands of tonnes. Some go to Thailand and Singapore markets, but they are just for germinating sprouts. The biggest buyers are Indians and we have learnt that our matpe has even reached Pakistan. But, the direct buyers are Indians,” one trader said.

Matpe price in foreign markets is falling but there is a huge demand.

“In foreign markets, the price starts to fall in India. Matpe price is not going up much. It increases a little. It seems there is a big demand,” he said.

Meanwhile, the rise of matpe price in local markets is breaking records.

“Matpe market is not the same as in previous years. This should be the time when its price falls. The lowest price is normally reached in April and it starts falling in December. The highest price can be obtained in October and November. But, matpe price didn’t fall this year. You might say it is a record price,” he said.

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