Network Monitor II

Network Monitor II

A handy tool for anybody running a home or small office network, Network Monitor II will display key information about your network whether it be a wireless or a wired network. It displays your external IP address(es) and displays in which country you’re located.

The network monitor is also useful for those who would like to track their network bandwidth usage and for those on a service with usage-based billing, it could be a big money saver. Talk about saving money, did we mention that Network Monitor II is a freeware application?

This networking application also displays other information you may find useful about your home network and will also automatically update its display whenever you IP address has changed. Counters for bandwidth usage will be saved to external files, making it easy to keep an archive of how much bandwidth has been used on your network.

Current and total bandwidth will be displayed based on session.

Features of Network Monitor II

  • Bandwidth monitor: Monitor the bandwidth usage of all devices connected to the network.
  • Graphical view: View data in graphical format for easy interpretation.
  • IP address tracker: Track IP addresses on the network.
  • Interface monitor: Monitor the status of all network interfaces.
  • Logging: Log all network activity for future reference.
  • Network discovery: Discover devices on the network and keep track of them.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications when the network activity reaches a certain threshold.
  • Packet sniffer: Capture and analyze network packets to identify suspicious activity.
  • Port scanner: Scan ports to identify open ports and vulnerabilities.
  • Protocol analyzer: Analyze network protocols to identify potential issues.
  • Real-time monitoring: Monitor network traffic, connection speed and other data in real-time.
  • Statistics: Track and record statistics on network activity.
  • System resources: Monitor system resources such as memory, CPU and disk usage.
  • Trace route: Trace the route of a packet from the source to its destination.
  • Traffic monitor: Monitor the traffic on the network to identify any anomalies.


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