PDF Creator 5.2.0

PDF Creator 5.2.0

PDFCreator is a super-powerful PDF software solution that allows you to create and edit PDF documents and other files, as well as implement C# scripts for managing advanced printing implementations, and so much more.

Creating user profiles for custom PDF tasks and rapid document management

This application is versatile and extremely well-designed. As such, PDFCreator provides the creation and customization of user-profiles, where many people can implement and switch between various pre-defined PDF management configurations.

At first, when creating a user profile, you can configure the file saving and printing parameters (like filename format, printing dialog and log recording, image compression and factor rate, metadata format, color model, etc.).

Secondly, the most interesting part of this application is that it allows you to select and add user tokens for defining placeholders for specific parameters (with custom separators) and implement C# scripts for managing the document printing job.

Additionally, you can configure PDF stamping, page number management, document signature, encryption, watermarks, attachments, backgrounds, etc.

Last but not least, the tool lets you define, for each specific profile, how and if you want to send your processed PDF files (configure a certain email client for sending your files easier), link another program or script that will further handle your PDFs, send files in an email automatically (via SMTP, without user interaction), etc.


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