Private VLAN (PVLAN) on Cisco IOS Switch

Many network students believe private VLANs are very complex when they see this for the first time. I’m going to break it down and explain to you how it works.The private VLAN always has one primary VLAN. Within the primary VLAN, you will find the promiscuous port. In my picture above, you can see a router … Read more


Introduction The purpose of this exercise is to create separate VLANs for different groups of users in each building. In a later exercise we will configure the core router so that each VLAN is using a different IP subnet. This lab is a continuation from the Spanning Tree exercise and the lab setup is identical: … Read more


Lab Objective The focus of this lab is to understand basic VLAN, VTP, DTP and STP implementation and configuration in Cisco IOS Catalyst switches. Lab Topology The lab network topology is illustrated below: Topology Task 1 Enable and configure VTP on the switches illustrated in the topology as follows: DLS1 DLS1(config)#vtp domain SWITCH Changing VTP … Read more