PDF Creator 5.2.0

PDFCreator is a super-powerful PDF software solution that allows you to create and edit PDF documents and other files, as well as implement C# scripts for managing advanced printing implementations, and so much more. Creating user profiles for custom PDF tasks and rapid document management This application is versatile and extremely well-designed. As such, PDFCreator provides … Read more

Adobe Acrobat Pro

At this point in time and space, you can’t really deal with PDF files and not have heard of Adobe Acrobat. The idea that this application has evolved into one of the most complete PDF-related experiences would be an understatement. Still, Adobe Acrobat Pro comes to prove that there’s always room for better. Deal with PDF files … Read more

Adobe Acrobat Reader 2023.008.20458

A computer can be equipped with a whole bunch of different text editors, each with its own set of features for more variety and styles, file support and security. One of the most popular and safest file types is the Portable Document Format (PDF) and you need specialized applications to be able to access PDF … Read more

Notepad++ 8.6.1

The market for word processors is plenty filled, and there’s only so much you can innovate for your program to stand above the rest. Granted, the built-in Notepad is serviceable and gets the job done, but what if there was a better, supercharged alternative of sorts? Notepad++ is a third-party alternative to the built-in solution, and … Read more

Final Draft

Final Draft Final Draft is a comprehensive word processing utility designed specifically for writing movie and TV series scripts, and other such productions. It features a spell checker for multiple languages. The interface is not particularly attractive, but clean and easy to navigate. You can create a new project from scratch, or select one of … Read more


rom convenience and speed to the fact that it is backed by a decentralized process used by P2P, there are numerous reasons why you may want to use torrents for grabbing files. In fact, just because you can effortlessly spread big media files around the Internet in just a couple of minutes, makes torrents an … Read more

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Four proven protection layers to block online threats on all levels Web Protection &Browser Security If a user attempts to access a malicious website, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home will immediately block the connection and prevent access to provide protection from both credential phishing and malware. 500,000new threatsevery day Real-time File Guard This real-time protection layer checks … Read more

K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security The next level in cybersecurity. Protect your devices, data, information and files with one product Get advanced protection against malware, spyware and ransomware Protect your digital identity with robust privacy protection Enjoy multi-layered protection for your devices Download