Lightroom Photo & Video Editor v8.2.2

Adobe Lightroom Mobile boasts a plethora of features that cater to the needs of every photographer:

  • Easy-to-use photo & video editor: With its intuitive interface, even beginners can edit their photos and videos quickly.
  • Powerful presets for quick edits: Whether you’re looking for a vintage look or a modern touch, the presets have got you covered. You can also create and save your own presets for future use.
  • Object removal, background fine-tuning, and preset filters: Enhance your photos by removing unwanted objects, fine-tuning the background, or applying one of the many preset filters available.
  • Advanced capture modes: Whether you’re shooting in rawprofessional, or HDR mode, Lightroom Mobile supports everything, ensuring you capture every detail.
  • Instant access to Android Gallery: Easily import photos directly from your device’s gallery, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Customizable features in the photo editor: Tailor the editor to your needs, ensuring a personalized editing experience.
  • Auto photo editor for instant improvements: With a single tap, enhance the overall look of your photos.
  • Precision sliders for light settings: Fine-tune brightness, contrast, and more with easy-to-use sliders.
  • Advanced edits with color mixer & grading tools: Dive deep into color correction and grading to achieve the perfect look.
  • Creating before-and-after videos: Showcase your editing prowess with short videos that display the original and edited versions side by side.
  • Premium video editing features: Access advanced tools reserved for premium users, elevating your video edits.